Group Companies

As a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, Rothfos Corporation is part of a decentralized network of inter-related sister companies of producers, importers and distributors following coffee from the tree to the cup.

What makes Rothfos Corporation unique is our focus and specialization in coffee. Coffee is the only business we are in: we have a 75 year heritage in the industry through our Hamburg parent company and a steadfast commitment to the future of the coffee industry.


As industry experts, we bring clients an in-depth understanding of the coffee market. Active at points of origin in markets 24 hours a day we maintain close relationships with farmers, gaining invaluable insight into local cultures and the evolution of the farming process. In addition, the superior Neumann Kaffee Gruppe technical staff sets industry standards for the optimization of worldwide post-harvest conditions, including packing, loading, transportation, treating, blending and storing.

This renowned Neumann Kaffee Gruppe expertise, extensive global resources and strong ties to the coffee grower gives Rothfos Corporation superior risk management and logistical capabilities, as well as quick access to critical changes in price and quality, enabling us to consistently obtain the desired price/quality ratio demanded by major manufacturers and specialty retailers.